brown bear stole candy

Brown Bear Stole Candy from 7-Eleven

In California, a brown bear stole candy from 7-Eleven store. On September 6, the cashier at the store saw the door open but no one entered. When he looked down, instead of a human, he found a bear for a customer. The bear was hungry for some candy and didn’t pay for any of the items it took.

According to the cashier, Christopher Kinson, the door of the 7-Eleven opened but no one entered. When he looked down, he saw the brown bear enjoying some candy. He was shocked and could not believe how large the bear was in real life compared to photos. He said, “I was scared initially, but they just want to eat.” The cashier stayed out of the bear’s way as it shoplifted various candies.

The brown bear grabbed one or two candies at a time and would leave the store to enjoy them. It did this a few times for about 30 minutes. The cashier noted that, “It’s like it was purposely polite to take one candy bar at a time; it’s almost like it had manners.” Once the bear was no longer interested in returning to the store, the cashier blocked the door.

Brown Bear Candy Thief

What would you do if a bear walked into a store? Kinson allowed the bear to do what it needed without interfering or scaring it away. Brown bears are unpredictable and can charge at you at any time. The cashier was aware of this and had the back door open and ready to escape. In this incident, the brown bear stole candy from 7-Eleven and got away with it.

This 7-Eleven in Olympic Valley, California, is sure to have a great story to tell for a while. The questions on our minds are, what candy did it eat, and which one did it come back for seconds?

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