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Cocaine Bear Movie Trailer

On Wednesday, the trailer for Cocaine Bear dropped and people love it! This action comedy is set to release on February 24, 2023, and features the late Ray Liotta. Since the teaser for the movie is based on true events, people have been wondering about the black bear. Who was he, and did he enjoy a bag of cocaine?

The true story of Cocaine Bear starts in 1985 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police discovered the body of Andrew Carter Thornton II, wearing a bulletproof vest, lying around a lot of cash, and 75 pounds of cocaine. Thornton was a smuggler and attempted to jump out of a moving airplane with his money and cocaine. Sadly, his parachute never deployed, leading to his unfortunate death.

Two months after the incident, a hunter discovered the body of a 175-pound black bear. Near the body was an empty bag of cocaine. The autopsy revealed that the bear ingested a 75-pound bag of cocaine and came to his heartbreaking death. A fatal dose for a human the same size is only 7.5 grams. The bear suffered everything from respiratory failure to hyperthermia and stroke.

While cocaine fried his insides, the outside of the bear was still intact. The chief medical examiner, Dr. Kenneth Alonso, had the bear taxidermied and gifted it to Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. The bear was lost and later purchased at a pawn shop by singer Waylon Jennings. The bear, known as ‘Pablo Escobear’ now resides in Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, Kentucky. Anyone that wants to visit the bear can.

So while the movie Cocaine Bear is a comedy, the real cocaine bear did not cause havoc or have a wild adventure killing people. He died of a painful cocaine overdose in the forest, worth two million dollars.

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