rock climber fought off bear

Rock Climber Fought Off Bear in Japan

In Japan, a rock climber fought off bear while descending Mt. Futago. Imagine climbing down a rocky mountain and being face-to-face with an angry Asian black bear! The incident happened on October 1st, and the video was posted online on the 5th. Since then, the video has gone viral and even TMZ reposted it. Not every day do we see whole interaction between a bear and the person living through it.

In the video, the climber came down the mountain when the bear came charging from the left. The rock climber proceeded to scream and pound at the animal in order to scare it off. Instead of running away, the bear falls off the rocks and charges back at the climber. He continued to scream and pound at the bear with his fist and foot. The bear jumped off the cliff again and tried to attack the bottom. The third time the bear appeared to be leaving but circled back, only to go back into the bushes and disappear.

This video is incredible for several reasons. The rock climber fought off bear without any severe injuries to himself. He held on to the sharp rocks while punching with one hand and kicking with his leg. In the video description, the rock climber says he stumbled on the mother and cub. The mother was doing her job, protecting her cub from a dangerous human.

It’s good to note that while black bears are not as vicious or as big as grizzlies, they are still strong. The climber also stated that he does have a bear bell but muted it when descending because it was loud. After the bear encounter, he climbed up the mountain again and waited for the bear family to leave. If you’re ever in the same situation where you are attacked from the side by an angry bear, do the same. Punch, kick and scream as hard as you can to scare off the bear.

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