man shot a bear nine times

Man Shot a Bear Nine Times

In Colorado, a man shot a bear nine times in his home. Ken Mauldin was asleep when his wife’s screams woke him up. At two in the mornin, his wife found a bear in the house. Her screams, “There’s a bear in the house” woke him up and he acted on instinct. He grabbed his .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and ran towards the noise. 

As soon as he saw the bear he shot at it. “I shot it and then it charged me, and I kept shooting at it.” He shot the bear nine times and continues to shoot as it charged at him. Finally, the bear changed directions and ran outside where he fell down the stairs to his death. According to Mauldin, the bear came through the unlocked front door. 

Black Bear in The House

In Colorado, it’s estimated that there are around 20,000 black bears. In recent times, more homeowners in the same area are seeing bears in their homes. Some also do what Ken Mauldin did instead of calling the right authorities. Black bears can be easily scared by noise so there is no need to shoot them. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife hope that people would call them the next time they encounter a bear in their home. In most cases, bears will run out of the home once they are confronted by humans. You can also make yourself appear bigger and make noise to scare them off. To shoot a bear nine times is ridiculous and unnecessary. 

If you do not want to have an encounter with a black bear, make sure that your doors and windows are locked. Store your leftovers in containers and keep your garbage in the garage or locked compartment. Bears have a keen sense of smell and can easily drag away your garbage container with your trash in it. While Ken Mauldin did what he thought was right to protect his family, there could have been a better and safer outcome for the black bear.

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