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Mr. Adventure Accused on Illegally Killing Bears

Tristan James Hamm, known as Mr. Adventure on Instagram, is accused of illegally killing bears in the Yukon. The Instagram user has 2.1 million followers who enjoy his daily adventures. Recently, the social media influencer lied to obtain a Yukon hunting license. With the license, he killed three bears in a single week!

Tristan Hamm is a 32-year-old social media influencer who enjoys posting photos of himself hiking, boxing, biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing. According to his Instagram account, he is an “adventure connoisseur” and makes sure to have a life full of adventures. His May adventures could land him in a lot of trouble.

“Mr Adventure” is facing 19 charges for illegally obtaining a Yukon resident hunting license and killing two black bears and a grizzly. According to the court, Mr. Hamm killed a black bear on May 17 on abovBove Island. On May 19th, he killed another black bear at Dry Creek. Two days later he is accused of killing a grizzly bear at Kluane Lake.

Fines for Illegal Bear Hunting in Yukon

In the summer, Mr. Hamm also exported the three bears outside the country. If Tristan James Hamm is convinced of all 19 charges he could face fines of 50,000 per bear and possible jail time. Mr. Adventure said; “ I want to emphasize my unwavering commitment to responsible and respectful engagement with the natural world.”

President of the Yukon Fish and Game Association said that he was lost for words. They have only a few wildlife offenses against bears over the years. He goes on to say that it’s very difficult to attain a hunting license in Yukon and be registered with the Yukon Department of Environment. “It just doesn’t look good for all of us that are really trying to do the best we can and promote ethical and responsible harvesting.”

The president of the advocacy group Grizzly Bear Protection Yukon, Sue Greetham, said; “I just have a sinking feeling in my stomach, my heart just about breaks and I get goosebumps all over me. It’s just the saddest thing.” She hopes for stronger regulations against illegal bear hunting.

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