rescued cubs

Three Black Bear Cubs Rescued in New Hempshire

On Monday, three black bear cubs rescued in Peterborough New Hampshire, are doing fine. The owner of the property was having work done clearing out the brushes and cutting down trees. While the construction crew was doing their work they accidentally destroyed the bears’ den. Unbeknown to the owner, the mother and three cubs were living next to the property. Once the den was distorted the mother bear ran away, leaving her three cubs behind.

In most cases, animals will come back for their young but the New Hampshire Fish and Game officials didn’t think this was going to happen this time. Since there is still commotion and work being done at the property, the mother bear might be too scared to come back. It can also take her some time to come back, being that the den was so close to the house.

Where Are they Now?

Conservation officer Shawn MacFadzen and Fish and Game Department biologist made the decision to take the cubs. He took the three adorable black bears to Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hempshire.

The three black bear cubs are two girls and one boy. They are all around five weeks old and got new names. The two females are Willa and Billie and the male black bear is Fitz. The two females weigh in over three pounds and the male is just a little over two pounds. He is most likely the runt of the litter. Kilham Bear Center is taking great care of the cubs and have confirmed that they are eating and doing well.

Once the cubs are old enough, they will be released back into the wild. Hopefully, their future dens will not be destroyed or next to a house. This is a great reminder that if you want to have work done around your home, check for wildlife first. You can call in an animal expert or even a game warden to survey your area for potential wildlife. While the three black bear cubs rescued are in good hands, their mother should be the one to raise them. She should be with her cubs in their den, dreaming of warmer days and fresh berries.

rescued cubs

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