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Man Killed Mama Black Bear After Season Ends

Last year, a man killed mama black bear after hunting season ended. In Ashburnham, Massachusetts, a man is facing criminal charges for killing a mother bear in his backyard. In Massachusetts, black bear hunting season ended December 11, 2021. Two days after, the man tried to process the meat in New Hampshire. The butcher realized it was a fresh kill and refused to process the order. He then informed the authorities of the unlawful killing.

The unnamed man called the authorities later in the same day, and confessed to what he did. He said that the mama bear was feeding on bird seeds when he shot her. The man also said that he wasn’t aware that the black bear hunting season was over. This contradicts his story with the butcher, since he tried to convince him that the bear was killed on the 11th. The sad part is that the man killed mama black bear and left her two yearlings behind. No other information was disclosed on the yearlings in the man’s backyard.

Charges for Killing the Bear

After taking the bear and the bow and arrow used in the killing away, the man was charged with:

  • Illegal taking of a black bear
  • Hunting during closed season
  • Illegal hunting of bear in a baited area
  • Discharge of an arrow within 150 feet of a roadway
  • Multiple counts of hunting within 500 feet of a dwelling in use
  • Falsifying harvest report data
  • Exporting an illegally-taken bear out of state

For anyone looking to go hunting black bears, make sure that you know the law and follow the rules. You could not only endanger yourself but others if you are not careful. Please note that every state has different hunting black bear laws and dates. Follow the rules and don’t kill these beautiful animals out of hate.

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