brown bear attacks sow

Brown Bear Attacks a Sow and Dies

A brown bear attacks a sow and dies, in recent video footage recorded by two onlookers in Castilla y Leon. The mother bear was walking up the cliff with her her cub when a brown bear came from the other side blocking their way. The large male brown bear proceeded to attack the mother to get to her cub. Seeing the commotion in front of it, the cub turned back to hide.

The two bears fight for two minutes before falling down the cliff in the video footage from Spain. The enormous male bear fell further down the cliff but gets up at the end of the video. The mother brown bear proceeded to get up and return to her cub. It was later reported that the male bear died from his injuries, and the mother reunited with her cub. The rangers brought her fruit and water to get her energy and feed her young.

When it comes to mating, brown bears will go to extreme measures. If they see a mother bear, they will attempt to kill her cubs in hopes of mating with the mother. Guillermo Palomero, head of the brown bear foundation, said this is common for brown bears. When they kill the cubs, the female brown bear goes into the oestrus period after two to three days. The male hopes to mate with her to spread his seed. The things brown bears do to spread their genes! This violent behavior is typical in other animals such as big cats, birds, and primates.

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