Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Grizzly Bear

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has a grizzly bear called Boo. This year, Boo turns 20 years old! On March 20th at 11:15 am, Boo emerged from his den. It took him 20 minutes to dig his way out through the snow. The resort has asked guests to be mindful and quiet around this area. According to the resort, Boo is now going from a torpor state to “walking hibernation.”

Bear Refuge

For the past 20 years, guests at this ski resort watch the bear play and roam around his sanctuary. Twenty years ago the ski resort created Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge. Boo and his sibling Cari lived at the refuge. The cubs were left orphans at just five months old. A poacher killed their mother. Unfortunately, Cari did not survive his first winter. After the lab team performed a necropsy they discovered that the bear died from twisted intestines. This happened spontaneously and there was nothing the team could have done to prevent it.

Boo has been living alone for the past 20 years and he likes it like that. In 2006 he did decided to leave the Boo has been living alone for the past 20 years and he likes it like that. In 2006 he did decide to leave the sanctuary and look for a mate. Don’t worry, he came back on his own. Boo the grizzly bear will be ready to greet guests this summer. The ski resort has some big plans for the bear this year and I’m hoping they will throw him a big party.

As a side note, please be mindful of bears in the area or your own neighborhood. At end of March and the beginning of April, bears leave their den in search of food. Bears are groggy and hungry and need to be left alone.

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