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Petition to Stop Using Bear Fur Hats

A petition was started by Alesha Dixon for the Queen’s guards to stop using bear fur hats. The British singer and television personality feels that it’s time to switch over to faux fur hats instead. With the help of PETA, they’ve launched the petition hoping for something to change. They have until July 6, 2022 to get 100,000 signatures in order for the discussion about the subject to continue.

Every year the Queen’s guards get new bear fur hats. It’s estimated that 140 black bears will die in order for these hats to be made. While the bears are not hunted down for this purpose, they are still being killed and their fur is being repurposed for these hats. According to the Ministry of Defense, the bear pelts come from Canada and are sourced through licensed cull. The black bears are killed legally and for the purpose of maintaining the population. If the MOD were to change their use of using real fur, it would not stop the bear killings. The Ministry of Defense also states that faux-fur cannot compare to the quality and high standards of real fun. In the petition, the Parliament states; “Unfortunately, there is currently no non-animal alternative available that meet the essential criterion for the Queen’s Guards ceremonial caps.”

According to PETA, there is a faux-fur hat option that is comfortable, durable and waterproof. These hats would not cost 1,700 British pounds and bear fur would not be used. What do you think about the petition? Do you think there is a way to change the MoD view? If the bears are already being killed during bear hunting season, would changing the hats to faux fur change anything?

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