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The Sun Bear Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

Sun bears, also known as Malayan sun bears, are a unique and fascinating species of bear found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. As the smallest member of the bear family, they have some distinctive features that set them apart from other bears.

Physical Characteristics

Sun bears are named for the golden or white patch on their chests, which resembles a rising sun. They have a sleek black coat, small ears, and a short muzzle.

Habitat and Diet

Sun bears inhabit the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, including countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Sun bears are generally solitary animals, with males and females coming together only during the mating season. They are primarily nocturnal and spend their days resting in tree hollows or caves.

Sun Bear Trivia Questions & Answers Game

Question 1: What is the scientific name of the sun bear?

Answer 1: Helarctos malayanus

Question 2: What does the sun bear’s chest marking resemble?

Answer 2: A rising sun

Question 3: How long can a sun bear’s tongue be?

Answer 3: Up to 10 inches

Question 4: What countries are part of the sun bear’s natural habitat?

Answer 4: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia

Question 5: What is the primary threat to sun bears?

Answer 5: Habitat loss due to deforestation

Question 6: Are sun bears nocturnal or diurnal?

Answer 6: Nocturnal

Question 7: What is the sun bear’s conservation status?

Answer 7: Vulnerable

Question 8: What do sun bears primarily eat?

Answer 8: Fruits, berries, insects, small mammals, and honey

Question 9: How do sun bears communicate with each other?

Answer 9: Through vocalizations, body language, and scent markings

Question 10: How much can an adult sun bear weigh?

Answer 10: Between 60 to 145 pounds

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