2023 fat bear week

Fat Bear Week 2023

Are you ready for the hunky, chunky, Fat Bear Week 2023? We sure are! Every year, since 2014, people around the world get to vote for their favorite fat bear from Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. These brown bears work hard at catching fish and fattening up for the winter. So let’s make sure to praise them for their hard work by remembering to vote for them. 

During hibernation, brown bears do not leave their den to eat or drink, which can lead them to lose 1/3 of their body weight. They need to fatten up before their long slumber and they love to do this at Brooks River. In 2014, Fat Bear Tuesday was launched. Due to its immense success, the following year it was called Fat Bear Week and became a week long event. This year, people can vote for their favorite chunky brown bear from October 4th to tenth.

Importance of Fat Bear Week 2023

Why is the week long event so important? Fat Bear Week is not only a way to get people involved and vote for their favorite bear it also highlights the successful ecosystem in Brooks River. This river is part of Bristol Bay watershed, which offers one of the last salmon runs. Without this salmon run, these bears would not be able to gain as much weight and there would be no Fat Bear Week 2023. If you’ve never seen a salmon run in real life, you can also get to enjoy it with bear week cameras. There are eight live streaming cameras around Brook River, so make sure to check them out and see your favorite fat bear catch and eat some salmon. Recently in September, thanks to these cameras and devoted watchers, a lost hiker was saved. The watchers informed the authorities that a man was lost in Katmai National Park and a few hours later he was rescued.

While you wait for the week long event, starting September 28th to the 29th you can vote for Fat Bear Junior. These are juvenile bears which have gained enough weight over the summer to be recognized for their accomplishment. Whoever wins gets to join the big week long competition.

On October 2nd join the live chat where you get to see the head-to-head matchups. Choose your favorite bears and wait for the 4th of the month to cast in your votes. You can vote from anywhere around the world, on your smart devices or computers. Whether you’re in a classroom, at world, or even enjoying your own salmon in a restaurant, don’t forget to vote for your favorite fat brown bear! The winning champion gets a proper sendoff for winter hibernation.

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