3D Bear Tattoo

25 Creative And Unique Bear Tattoo Designs

Exhibit you love for bears with one, or more, of these unique Bear Tattoo Designs.

No matter how much you love bears, you’ll still agree that these are animals that are better 3D Bear Tattooadmired from afar. For one thing, you can’t actually stroll up to a grizzly or black bear in the wild and give it a bear hug. Right?

Well, you can get around that by just carrying an image of your favorite bear along with you: all day.

Check out our compilation of up to 25 creative and unique Bear Tattoo Designs. Some are so real that they are sure to draw lots of attention.

25 Creative And Unique Bear Tattoo Designs.

1) Stunning Landscape Bear Tattoo.

Landscape Bear Tattoos
Landscape Bear Tattoo (Courtesy: Sasha Kiseleve)

Towering evergreens, mountains and birds all fit neatly into the outline of a brown bear in this sunning example of animal landscape tattoo.

Landscape animals are in and different from the common everyday tattoos around.

2) Roaring Bear Landscape Art.

Roaring Bear
Roaring Bear Landscape Art. (Courtesy: Zeke Yip)

Another landscape bear: this one shows a roaring bear on the forearm.

3) Geometric Bear And Flower.

Geometric Bear Tattoos
A Geometric Bear And Flower (Courtesy: arxe.fr/tattoo/tatouage-jessika/)

Geometric animals are another interesting angle you may want to consider. This one features a bear and flowers.

4) Bear Vs Tiger Tattoo.

Tiger And Bear Body Art
Tiger Vs Bear Tattoo (Photo: cuded.com)

In the perennial battle between tigers and bears, sometimes tigers win and sometimes bears win. That’s the way of the wild.

5) Bear And Pine Trees Forearm Body Art.

Forearm Bear Body Art
Bear And Pine Trees Forearm Body Art. (Courtesy: Pinterest)

This landscape tattoo shows a bear strolling past a bunch of pine trees.

6) Roaring Bear Sketch.

Line Drawing Bear Tattoos
Roaring Bear Sketch. (Courtesy: Inez Janiak)

The imperfect lines and generally unfinished look all come together to make this one fine looking tattoo.

7) “Hopeless Romantic” Foot Tattoo.

Bear Tattoo On Both Feet
Hopeless Romantic Foot Tattoo.

Sweet cartoon bears with one on either foot. The banners they hold come together to read “Hopeless Romantic.”

8) 3D Roaring Bear Chest Art.

Roaring Bear Tattoos
3D Roaring Bear Chest Art. (Courtesy: tattoo-pictures.net)

Realistic, 3D roaring bear body art on the upper chest area.

9) Simplistic Bear Design.

Women's Simple Tattoo
Simplistic Bear Design. (Courtesy: Instagram.com)

Who says bear tattoos are for men only? Check out this simplistic drawing of a bear.

10) Bear And Paw Body Art.

Bear and paw body art
Bear And Paw Body Art. (Courtesy: The Wild Tattoo)

Forearm bear and paw art.

11) Geometric Roaring Bear.

Roaring Bear In Geometric Drawing
Geometric Roaring Bear. (Courtesy: Instagram)

The contrast between the plain lines on one side and the detailed drawing on the other side makes this tattoo stand out.

12) Playful Bear And Butterfly.

Playful Bear And Butterfly
A Bear Playing With A Butterfly.

One of the strongest land mammals playing with one of the most delicate creatures.

13) Reflected Bear Tattoo.

Reflected Bear
Reflected Bear Tattoo. (Courtesy: Tattoo Ascent studio, Whistler)

Another landscape bear but this time with the added detail of its reflection in a pool of water.

14) Line Drawing Roaring Bear.

Detailed Bear Line Drawing
Line Drawing Roaring Bear. (Courtesy: tattooimages.biz)

Very detailed upper arm bear drawing.

15) Colored Landscape Bear.

Colored Landscape Bear
Colored Landscape Bear. (Artist: Andrea.morales @ tattoomotive on Instagram)

Though this is another landscape bear, it’s different from the others because of the coloring and it shows a biker too.

16) High Five Bear.

High Five Bear Tattoo
High Five Bear. (Courtesy: Pinterest)

This tattoo looks simple but it carries a message: humans and animals can get along if we try.

17) Full Back Forest Bear Scene.

Full Back Body Art
Full Back Forest Bear Scene. (Courtesy: tattooshunter.com)

This forest and bear scene must have taken a long time and some serious creativity to complete it.

18) Half Sleeve Multiple Bear Tattoo.

Roaring Bear Head
Half Sleeve Multiple Bear Tattoo.

This design shows that you can fit multiple animals in one tattoo without creating a mess.

19) Tribal Bear And Paw.

Tribal Bear Paw
Tribal Bear And Paw.

All-black tribal bear design in a compact and streamlined outline.

20) Raging Bear Chest Tattoo.

Roaring Bear Chest Tattoo
Raging Bear Chest Tattoo. (Courtesy: Pinterest)

That looks like one angry bear you wouldn’t want to get too close to.

21) 3D Bear Head.

3D Bear Tattoo
3D Bear Head.

There’s something about the eyes and the expression on this bear’s face that is so touching.

22) Buddy Bear Cartoon.

Buddy Bear Art
Buddy Bear Cartoon.

He’s a cartoon but don’t underestimate him because he is still a bear. And he looks like he’s spoiling for a fight!

23) Four Bear Paw Prints Back Tattoo.

Four Paw Design
Four Paws Bear Footprints Tattoo.

Not too much detailing but unique in its own way.

24) Roaring Shaggy Wild Bear.

Full Back Bear
Roaring Shaggy Wild Bear. (Courtesy: Tumblr)

Now this one looks really scary.

25) Bear-Panda-Wolf.

Bear Panda Wolf
Bear-Panda-Wolf. (Photo: nextluxuxry.com)

Technically, a panda is also a bear and this is another example of multiple animals neatly arranged to produce a stunning design.

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