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Arkoudaphobia or Bear Phobia: the excessive fear of bears. But is this fear warranted or not?

A Bear Warning Sign: Bear Phobia

We know that bears are wildlife. Yes. They can be unpredictable and can hurt you. But does that mean they will automatically seek humans out and attack them just for the sake of it?

Certainly not!

So if that’s the truth, why do some people exhibit bear phobia and sometimes even hate them so much?

Presently, the impact of this fear – and other factors – is glaring among the bear population. For example, did you know that some species of bears have been eliminated from most of their former territories in North America?

Take the case of the California Grizzly Bear for instance.

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The image of the California Grizzly Bear is almost everywhere you go in the state but you won’t find any real grizzly bears in the wild there. Here’s why.

A Male Grizzly Bear

A Male Grizzly Bear On The Move

 If you’ve had anything to do with the state of California, USA, you may have noticed that there’s the image of a big grizzly bear on the state flag.

Also, if you’ve been to California lately, you would notice that there are bears on the street signs, shop signs, and almost everywhere but there are no real grizzly bears to be seen! So, you’re probably wondering why this is so.

Well, historical accounts state that they used to be at least 10,000 grizzly bears roaming freely in California alone.

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