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The Himalayan Brown Bear is one popular animal. Scientists now believe it’s the source of the Yeti legend.

Adult Himalayan Brown Bear At Zoo Hluboka

Adult Himalayan Brown Bear At Zoo Hluboka (Photo: Zoo Hluboka cc by-s.a. 4.0)

The Himalayan Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos Isabellinus) is a subspecies of one of the most widely distributed bears on the face of the Earth: The Brown bear. Brown bear populations are commonly found in large numbers in many parts of Europe, Asia, and North America.

However, the case of the Himalayan brown bear is quite different and peculiar. This bear is native to the Himalayas in remote, mountainous terrains of Pakistan, western China, Nepal, Tibet, and India. But unlike its kind in Eurasia and North America, the Himalayan variety is

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Despite several efforts to stop it, the Asian market for bear parts continues to thrive.

Bear Bile In 250ml Bottle : Asian Market For Bear Parts

Bear Bile In 250 ml Bottle For Sale In Myanmar (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Asia is home to a vast majority of bears. Varieties range from the well-known Giant Panda, to the Brown bears, the Asiatic black bears (commonly known as the moon bear), to the smallest in the bear family: the the Sun bear. And as any animal lover out there knows, there are ways in which we can interact with these animals without hurting them.

However, this is not the case in many parts of Asia where bears are captured and kept as pets and much worse.

Interestingly, bears typically have no natural predators except humans. And humans have been killing them in their thousands since ancient times. But other than in self-defense, why would

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The Grizzly Bear is possibly one of the most “notorious” and well-known bears today.

A Couple Of Grizzly Bears: Grizzly Bear Profile

A Couple Of Grizzly Bears. They Have A Reputation For Being Dangerous But Conflicts Can Be Avoided With Some Precautions.

Grizzly Bear is the common name for a very well-known brown bear subspecies native to North America, parts of Europe and Asia. This bear is one of the largest in the family, coming close behind the Polar Bear and the Kodiak Bear.

It’s known in scientific circles as the North American brown bear or by its scientific name Ursus Arctos Horribilis.

The term “grizzly” could be interpreted as referring to two things: “Grizzled” for its golden/gray tipped hair or “grisly” for its perceived fearsome disposition. Individual bears vary in color from

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The Cherokee Bears of North Carolina live in deplorable conditions but you can help them.

One Of The Cherokee Bears

One Of The Cherokee Bears In Its Concrete Pit (Photo: PETA)

It’s a common fact that in our modern day world, more than 3000 animal species are considered endangered. Many more are already extinct.

As human activity becomes more and more intense, our environment and its inhabitants come face to face with new challenges that are difficult to handle. Unfortunately, animals keep getting the short end of the stick. They are quite often used as ‘tools’ for profit, with large species like

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Meet the Cantabrian Brown Bear, one of the most heavily protected bears on the Planet.

Cantabrian Brown Bear

Cantabrian Brown Bears Range in Color From Different Shades of Brown to Blonde (Photo: FOP, Spain)

The Cantabrian Brown Bear is a population of Eurasian brown bears dwelling in the Cantabrian Mountains, Spain.

They are generally medium to moderately large sized bears that vary in color from different shades of brown to even a few blonde individuals

These are timid, cautious bears that were hunted almost to extinction. As a result, they avoid human contact whenever possible.

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The Kodiak Bear is one of the largest bears on Earth today: it’s second only to the Polar Bear.

A Kodiak Bear In A German Zoo

A Kodiak Bear In A German Zoo (Author: S. Taheri/Wiki Commons cc by-s.a. 3.0)

The Kodiak bear is a native of the Alaskan Kodiak Archipelago islands.

This bear is a subspecies of the brown bear. In fact, it’s the second largest of brown bears: only the Polar Bear can surpass it.

Apart from its intimidating size and exclusive habitat, there isn’t much difference between this bear and other brown bears especially the grizzlies.

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Here are the best places to see bears in the wild worldwide.

Brown Bears: see bears in the wild

A Small Group Of Brown Bears Near A Dam.

Though all bear species look cute and cuddly – they are certainly not teddy bears! An encounter with a bear in the wild is surely an unforgettable experience. And interestingly, bears seem to have a penchant for dwelling in some of the most beautiful and picturesque places on Earth.

If you are looking forward to seeing one or more different species of these intimidating creatures in their natural habitat, here are 10 options for you. Definitely you should find a location close to you.

10 Of The Best Places To See Bears In The Wild Worldwide

1) Churchill, Canada. Species: Polar Bears

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Meet one of the most commonly seen and well-known bears on the North American continent: The American Black Bear.

American Black Bear

American Black Bear, Riding Mountain Park, Manitoba, Canada (Author: Diginatur/Wiki Commons cc 3.0)

The American black bear is a medium-sized bear that’s native to North America. It’s actually the smallest among the three bear species found in North America: black bears, brown bears, and polar bears. This bear is the most common and widely distributed among all bear species in that region.

In fact, it’s also the world’s most common bear species.

Unlike the grizzly bear, they don’t have a pronounced shoulder hump. Also, they don’t have retractable claws and this allows them to climb trees very well.

Though they are called ‘black,’ many variations in color exist. In the east most are black with a brown muzzle, in the west some are brown, cinnamon, or even blonde-colored. There are even some with white-bluish fur: these are known as Kermode (glacier) bears and they exist only in coastal British Columbia in Canada.

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What Do You Get From Crossing A Grizzly Bear And A Polar Bear? A Polar-Grizzly Bear Hybrid.

A Specimen of the polar-grizzly bear hybrid

A Specimen Of The Polar-Grizzly Bear Hybrid (Courtesy: Sarah Hartwell Messybeast cc by-s.a. 3.0)

Before 2006, the polar-grizzly bear hybrid was something that was known to occur among bears of both species while in captivity.

But all that changed when the first documented grolar or pizzly bear specimen was shot in the wild in the Canadian Artic area that same year.

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The brown bear is the most widespread and well-known species of bear alive today.

An Ussuri brown bear of Hokkaido

An Ussuri Brown Bear Of Hokkaido (Author: MiNe sfmine79/Wikimedia Commons cc 2.0)

The brown bear is the most widely distributed bear species worldwide and is one of the largest land carnivores alive today. The only other bear that can rival it in size is its close relative, the polar bear.

There are many subspecies of the brown bear, and it’s generally very well-known among humans wherever they inhabit. They are so popular that they are the favorite state and national symbols and sports team mascots in many countries.

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