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If a bear chases you should you climb a tree. Can bears climb trees?

Can bears climb trees?

Adult Brown Bear Climbing A Tree.

If a bear chases you, should you climb a tree? Can bears climb trees? Or is it only a certain species of bears that can climb trees?

Well, this is a question many people ask and one of the greatest myths that is filled with misconceptions and assumptions.

There used to be a general belief that bears can’t climb trees except for the Giant Panda. Others

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Timothy Treadwell aka The Grizzly Man had good intentions for grizzly bears. What can we learn from his story?

Timothy Treadwell The Grizzly Man

Timothy Treadwell April 29, 1957 – October 5, 2003 (Photo: WikiMedia Commons)

Timothy Treadwell was a grizzly bear enthusiast and an amateur environmentalist. He was also a documentary and filmmaker and the founder of Grizzly People, a bear protection organization.

Timothy worked as a waiter during winter, then went camping in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve in summer, where he lived among the bears for 13 summers.

He ostensibly wanted to study these wild animals and protect them. Timothy Treadwell and his

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Just like actual real-life bears, these Bear Movies will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Bears : bear moviesA bear would rather hunt and eat other wild animals than attack humans. Nevertheless, Hollywood keeps portraying them as senseless killers. They have created several flicks of grizzlies mauling and tearing flesh, and the audience loved it.

But in many real-life cultures, bears are seen as symbols of strength and courage.

Even the Teddy bear, a chance creation by an American candy shop owner, finds itself in the arms of many, as a consolation when in solitude.

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It’s rare to see a child that didn’t grow up with at least one beloved Teddy Bear, especially in the Western World.

A Child Clutching A Teddy Bear

Although teddy bears are a delight internationally, their story actually begins in the USA in very unlikely circumstances.

On November 14, 1902, then American President, Theodore Roosevelt, was invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino on a hunting trip down south. Their itinerary included a 10-day hunting expedition in the city of Onward.

Unfortunately, the president’s group, led by a former slave and Confederate cavalryman Holt Collier spent hours in the woods with no luck. Holt and Roosevelt’s assistants in a bid to make

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Bear Baiting is an extremely cruel, banned, and ancient blood sport still practiced in parts of Pakistan.

Illustration of Bear Baiting

Painting Of Bear Baiting By Dogs From The 16th Century By Abraham Hondius (1631–1691). Public Domain

Bear baiting is a blood sport held in some rural regions in parts of Pakistan between dogs and a bear. And though it the sport is illegal there for over a century now, the sporting events still happen to date.

Landowners and local gangs (considered very powerful and dangerous in rural Pakistan) stage

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Continuous incidents of Bear-Train collisions leads to a challenging situation in two Western Canada parks.

Red Squirrel With A Nut: Bear-Train Collisions

A Red Squirrel With A Nut

The Banff and Yoho national parks in Western Canada have been home to grizzly bears since the 1880s. Historically, bears have roamed freely there with no threats to their life.

However, in recent years since 2000, more than 17 bears have been reportedly killed from bear-train collisions.

The worrisome development prompted the University of Alberta in association with the Canada

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