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Meet the Cantabrian Brown Bear, one of the most heavily protected bears on the Planet.

Cantabrian Brown Bear

Cantabrian Brown Bears Range in Color From Different Shades of Brown to Blonde (Photo: FOP, Spain)

The Cantabrian Brown Bear is a population of Eurasian brown bears dwelling in the Cantabrian Mountains, Spain.

They are generally medium to moderately large sized bears that vary in color from different shades of brown to even a few blonde individuals

These are timid, cautious bears that were hunted almost to extinction. As a result, they avoid human contact whenever possible.

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The Canadian Province of BC has finally decided to end bear trophy hunting.

She-Bear With Cubs: Canada Bear Trophy Hunting Ends

Female Grizzly Bear With Her Cubs In BC, Canada (Photo: Parks Canada)

Conservationists and an overwhelming majority of British Columbia (BC) residents are happy at the recent announcement banning the Annual Bear Trophy Hunt in the province. Effective November 30 2017, trophy hunters will no longer be permitted to hunt grizzlies (a subspecies of brown bear) there.

Trophy hunting was reintroduced in the province 16 years ago by the previous Liberal government. The Liberals were later ousted in July by the New Democratic Party.

One of the newly elected party’s promises was to end the hunt.

What Is Trophy Hunting?

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Arkoudaphobia or Bear Phobia: the excessive fear of bears. But is this fear warranted or not?

A Bear Warning Sign: Bear Phobia

We know that bears are wildlife. Yes. They can be unpredictable and can hurt you. But does that mean they will automatically seek humans out and attack them just for the sake of it?

Certainly not!

So if that’s the truth, why do some people exhibit bear phobia and sometimes even hate them so much?

Presently, the impact of this fear – and other factors – is glaring among the bear population. For example, did you know that some species of bears have been eliminated from most of their former territories in North America?

Take the case of the California Grizzly Bear for instance.

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Exhibit you love for bears with one, or more, of these unique Bear Tattoo Designs.

No matter how much you love bears, you’ll still agree that these are animals that are better 3D Bear Tattooadmired from afar. For one thing, you can’t actually stroll up to a grizzly or black bear in the wild and give it a bear hug. Right?

Well, you can get around that by just carrying an image of your favorite bear along with you: all day.

Check out our compilation of up to 25 creative and unique Bear Tattoo Designs. Some are so real that they are sure to draw lots of attention.

25 Creative And Unique Bear Tattoo Designs.

1) Stunning Landscape Bear Tattoo.

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The Kermode Bear or Spirit Bear sounds unreal but in fact, it’s very real and extremely rare.

Spirit Bear In The Great Bear Forest, BC.

Spirit Bear In The Great Bear Forest, BC. (Author: Jon Rawlinson cc 2.0)

When you hear terms like Spirit Bear, Ghost Bear, or Spirit Bear of the Forest, you may think that’s a figment of someone’s imagination.

But it’s not.

The Spirit Bear or Kermode Bear is real but extremely rare. Read on to find out how they get this unique coloration and learn other interesting facts about Spirit Bears.

10 Interesting Facts About The Spirit Bear

1) The Spirit Bear Is Actually A White Black Bear

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